Welcome to Places of Legend, a new podcast that digs into places with stories. Stories that are shared in schoolyards, on sidewalks, and around campfires. Let’s call it Cultural Heritage that hasn’t been stuffed and mounted yet. It’s scary, it’s hilarious, it’s sometimes grotesque, and almost always hidden. Places of Legend will provide stories that pull back the curtain to reveal the unexpected and the bizarre.

In this inaugural episode, we explore Room 506 in the Eldridge Hotel in Lawrence, Kansas, where it is rumored that the ghost of the self-styled Colonel Eldridge haunts guests to this day.

The Eldridge Hotel is one of those historic hotels with palms, marble, and chintz-covered sofas in the lobby—everything meticulously restored to elegant tourism’s golden age. But it also holds, a spirit, a fleeting presence, some even say it’s the ghost of Colonel Eldridge himself—who refuses to let the time when Lawrence was bloody be forgotten. There were no rules to follow. Survival was everything. And even in his ghostly form, Colonel Eldridge has survived.

Listen to the podcast to learn about the bloody tale.

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2 comments on “Case 1: Eldridge Hotel, Kansas

  1. Frances Feb 8, 2018

    That was good Ang.
    Look foword to more stories.
    Great to listen to on my walks.

    • Thank so much, Fran! Glad you enjoyed it and happy we can come along on your walks!

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