Here’s some extra info for fans and reviewers of Places of Legend, a podcast for listeners who like their history with a dash of mystery and suspense.

What is Places of Legend?

Places of Legend is a fully-scripted, bi-weekly podcast that takes its listeners to places where bizarre and unexplained historical events have occurred. Our aim is to turn history inside out—to enchant forgotten places and to peel back the legends from places that we’ve all heard about.

We tackle oddities and enigmas of American history, in hidden places as well as national historical shrines. Our characters span the gamut from gangsters, explorers, voodoo queens, grifters, and frontier villains and heroes. In Places of Legend we aim to upend the normal relationship between past, present, and future: with an ever-evolving series of stories about long-lost memories, unmasked misconceptions, and unexpected twists of fate.

Each episode seeks to unravel a historical mystery still haunting the place where it occurred. Through words, sounds, and vintage music, we dig into the sensations that hint at the spooky persistence of past memories and stories that are yearning to be told again. Some episodes will slowly unveil new clues to a surprising revelation. Others will confront listeners with fascinating historical enigmas and anomalies.

Listeners and would-be historical detectives can further explore the “case notes” of each episode, posted on the podcast website—in virtual manila case files including photos, documents, books, and hyperlinks to additional sources of information—each localized on an interactive map.

Host Bios

Angela Labrador is an archaeologist with a taste for the unusual and sometimes bizarre places that fascinate people. She combines her skill in ethnography, digital gymnastics, and dramatic storytelling in making each episode of Places of Legend something out of the ordinary.

Neil Silberman is a widely published author and historian, who has been crafting narratives about the mysteries of the past—and their haunting effect on the present—for many years. His fascination with offbeat historical characters and historical mysteries is woven into every episode of Places of Legend.

Silberman and Labrador are colleagues at Coherit Associates, an international heritage consultancy that develops novel approaches to the promotion and interpretation of culture, history, and archaeology.

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