The stylish winter playground of Miami Beach in the Roaring Twenties and 1930s—a narrow strip of sandy beaches and luxurious Art Deco hotels—was a popular gathering place for Hollywood celebrities and the nation’s wealthiest elite. In this episode we’ll tell the story of one of the era’s most notorious jewel thieves: a shrewd New Yorker who went by dozens of aliases and mixed unnoticed among the crowds of tuxedoed and bejeweled winter visitors. His method of larceny involved no violence, no confrontation—just an intimate knowledge of Miami Beach’s social scene. He struck when he knew that his wealthy victims would be away from their hotel rooms. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and thick wads of banknotes were his spoils. We’ll hear about his daring heists, how the police tried to put an end to them, and how his legacy continues as Miami Beach lives on as a sun-drenched meeting place for the rich and famous—and for some of the world’s greatest grifters and light-fingered jewel thieves.

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