In the middle of the Crow Indian Reservation in southeast Montana stands a solid stone house that has seen its share of ghostly happenings. Mysterious lights, creaking footsteps, doorknobs mysteriously turning, sudden shrieks, and doors slamming—even the terrifying apparition of a headless cavalryman who silently passes through the building’s walls. Little wonder that many have claimed that the building is haunted. Standing at the edge of a national military cemetery, the “Old Stone House” was used to temporarily store the bodies of military veterans awaiting burial. Yet restless spirits roam far beyond the stone house and the cemetery grounds. Supernatural visions of violence, pain, dread, and panic repeatedly materialize across the nearby hills, gullies, and broad river valley beyond.

Listen to the story behind the haunting of the Stone House and the surrounding land — a story that is quite different than the schoolbooks taught us about the battle at the Little Bighorn.

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